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October 26, 2013, shanemac618
Toronto, New South Wales, Canada

Reasons Not to Choose Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours

I am taking time to write this review to warn people about this so that they wont experience the same thing we did. How do I even begin this review? How can I summarize the terror I endured?

Westhill Consulting travel and tours apparently doesn’t know what they were doing, its clear that they got no idea of what their company is suppose to be. They obviously got no talent in client service.

Let us start with how unprofessional and gauche the receptionist is at Westhill Consulting travel and tours. We went there for the first time today and were simply asking the receptionist questions about how Westhill works. The receptionist, instead of being grateful for the fact that we were inquiring about the business as a potential customer, assumed that we wouldn't pay the $85 per hour to help us plan our first trip. What a douche.

My husband and I, who might have been clients, are now entirely put off by this receptionist's insulting comments. My husband simply wanted you to answer questions since we never used an agency before but she was so annoying and very insulting. There is no way we are coming back at Westhill! If the receptionist treat people like this what more can I expect from their actual service I bet it would be crappier since they have crappy attitudes.

They got to remember that they are not the only travel agency and no one will ever deal with craps therefore no one will waste time going there just to be treated like that. They are simply pathetic, lazy service with absolutely no concern for new customers.

And of course we ended up not booking a tour with these guys. Who would?? And oh my cousin who actually did get a booking from them and she said the company is made up of a bunch of lying, manipulative thieves. The agents are incompetent and do everything for their own benefit, not for the guests. Oh boy, now talking about customer service huh? I do not think you would last long.
Just do not go for them or else you’re going to have a bad time. This tour company is only about ripping you off.

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Complaint comments:

December 17, 2013, marina2zimmer
It seems to me that you have some personal issues towards Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours that is why you are saying those things. I have been hearing more good things about them and this is really rare. And untrue to me.
December 16, 2013, michelerouze55
Everyone has their own opinion but my opinion from your is very different. I was very satisfied with Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours, in fact we are currently availing their service again. hoping they find us some great vacation deals.
December 8, 2013, cerroorozi1
I never saw them like what you are saying, I thought they were doing their job very well and they are serving their costumers well.
December 6, 2013, justinweelp96
I’m sorry but I disagree with you, terror is a harsh word and I think you are exaggerating. Yes, they are not perfect, nobody is, they may have committed mistakes but they are not worse like what you are saying. In fact, I had an awesome experience with Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours. They have arranged the most awesome vacation I ever experienced and I owe them a lot that is why I recommend them to everyone I know.

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