realtytrade I was told my $ was refundable I paid $1295 when I called they said it was close to a sale. now no ans. orlando, Florida - realtytrade

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November 7, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I paid $1295 in 2006 for realty trade to sell my timeshare in Va. Larry Williams assured me it would sell in no time. Each time I called they had many interested. One time it was 50 businesses interested. I kept going down on the price each time I called back.

I wanted my money back but they said I have to wait for a certain period when they do the refunds. they would continue to have it on the market. But each time I called the same story was told me and then I could not speak with Larry any longer he was promoted to a higher postion and does not deal with this matter anymore and the lady was very rude... then I spoke with a Chris and he stated the same thing. Now I call and the number is disconnected. I am a senior and need the money, I trusted them.

I also did this another time with a company called timeshare adventures , also in Fla. and lost $595 and Larry Williams said they were not a reputable co and I would get that money back when he sold the time share for me because I did not sign anything when I sent the money to the other company. I guess I am a foolish women to do it twice. that was in 2006

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