RC Electronics Eric Required up-front payment; has not returned my stereo speakers; did not repair my stereo receiver as contracted. Simi Valley, Cali - RC Electronics

RC Electronics
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December 2, 2010, Anonymous
United States

On 10/21/2010 I had Eric, RC Electronics come to my home to pick up my stereo receiver and 2 cabinet speakers for repair. He required up-front payment; as stupid as I feel, I admit I did pay him up-front by 2 checks, a total of $334.00. Eric brought the receiver back within hours the same day, but I had not speakers to test it on to check if the volume control had been repaired, as requested. Eric took my calls for the first few days, but then avoided my calls and did not return my messages. I called from a new telephone number and he picked up and agreed to bring me a "loaner" set of speakers for a party I had coming up the second week of November. I discovered then that the volume control knob had not been repaired and tried to call him, but of-course, no answer. As of today, 12/3/10, I have a stereo receiver that I paid $100.00 to have fixed, and it is not fixed and I have 2 Polk cabinet speakers that are "loaners". I have never heard from Eric, but certainly have left several messages asking him to call me. I'm out $234.00 for the speaker repair, not to mention I will probably never see my own speakers again. Yesterday, I called the police to come take a look at the speakers, because I cannot be sure if they are stolen goods, or not. I filed a report with them. The officer called my attention to one of the "loaner" speakers and showed me how the fuse was actually made up of aluminum foil wadded up and shaped like a fuse. This is a fire hazard! Not only did I let this guy into my home, but he took my money, took my speakers, returned my receiver to me without the repair being done, and even went so far as to deposit a fire hazard in my own home!

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