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November 15, 2010, Anonymous
United States

The goal of my employer and as a freelancer is to provide strategic link building that boosts rankings in the Searches based on recommend keywords and requested keywords by Verna James. (The total hours as a freelancer that I bill my employer estimates 20 hours per month per new client.) My employer then offered this service to Verna James for the 1st month for free with a clear verbal and written agreement by email and phone to provide 2 more additional months of service for around $500 a month.

Again, my employer takes the risk out of search engines marketing for their client for the first 30 days by offering free ranking services at the big G. (Rhymes with Boogle.) They then demonstrate the results in 20-30 days. In this case, Verna James website www.quickncorporate.com was not ranked in the top 100 results for their 10-15 keywords at the big G.

As a freelancer, I worked to make Verna James's website www.quickncorporate.com and their 10-15 keywords all on the 1st page of G. in 30 days or less. Upon demonstrating the results week by week with excel reporting, demos and follow up conversations phone/email Verna James refused to pay for services. The results were proven and Verna James understood the before snapshot of zero rankings and the produced results after the work was completed, however, Verna James refused to pay for services.

Here's their departing email, the phone call that followed didn't get any better with their excuse not to pay:

I am sorry, but I did not see any result from your work. I called you to try to understand the report you sent me, but did not get to talk to a person. I don't think we are going to business. You have not demonstrated anything in the 20 day trial period.

Verna James
Certified Public Accountant

James Accounting & Tax Practice, PA
10749 SW 104 Street, Miami FL 33176
Tel: 305-595-2886

We go that extra mile for you
Visit our website at jamesaccounting.com

Verna, results did show up for your keywords:

Florida new business

florida limited liability corporations

Florida S-corporations

Florida non profits

state of florida corporations

Miami corporations

Miami new business

Miami limited liability corporations

Miami S-corporations

Miami non profits

And my employer emailed you weekly and discussed everything up front at the beginning and tried calling several times.

Anyone doing business with Verna James should beware. You do not want to play poker with someone if they change the rules midway through the game. Verna James believes the rules and the terms relate to their relative world view or in other words, they make them up as they go along. They will not keep their word with you if you risk doing business with them. Please note: My employer was also at fault for not securing a down payment and a signed contract to start the job for completed results and services.

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