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November 22, 2010, Anonymous
United States

We used Quick Movers, LLC (owned/operated by Ahmed Alsoubaii aka "AD") in May 2010 to move our worldly belongings from one house, a few short miles to another. Their crew showed up an hour late, and spent a ridiculous amount of time arguing among themselves and shrink wrapping (but NOT blanket wrapping) our furniture. Their task was relatively simple: move all of our belongings from the front 2 rooms of our 5,000 square-foot home into our new house just a few miles down the road. Their team: George Abdala (the driver), Abriam & Brian (someone who worked in the office, but was not a mover) failed to wrap our very nice furniture with anything more than a few layers of shrink wrap and loaded it into their truck. George was RUDE and very dismissive, of us, and of his coworkers. He was a thin, lanky boy (about 6-feet tall, maybe weighed 145 pounds, soaking wet). He attempted to lift our 64-inch Mitsubishi DLP television (not small, by any means) off of its stand by itself and almost sent it smashing to the travertine floor. When I asked him to wait for his coworkers to assist him, he ignored me, and attempted to lift the tv again! I had to run outside and get Abriam to come in and help him to keep him from breaking our television. While moving one piece of bedroom furnituure, Brian stepped right onto the box spring of our king-sized bed and CRUNCH! he snapped the wooden frame of it. Then, when my husband pointed it out to him, right at the time it had happened, he tried to deny it ... the big boot print that matched up with his very boot made it a tad difficult for him to do so. (pictures available) If we had not had to be out of the house we were leaving that very night, we would have fired them on the spot, but we were under contract, and - as they showed up late - time was of the essence. We have several witnesses who were there as the move was executed. They will attest to what I say and what happened during this nightmarish experience. We drove over to the new house after all the furniture had been loaded. The moving crew was already "snippy" with one another, and not working well as a team. When we got to our new house and were waiting for the moving truck, George drove down the street and attempted to back the truck into the driveway. He was having great issues trying to swing the truck into the driveway, and became frustrated when his crew members attempted to guide him in (and keep him from sideswiping some vehicles on the street). He gunned the gas pedal, took off northbound down our street, slammed on the brakes - sending all our belongings askew inside the rear of the truck - whipped the truck around in a u-turn, tore southbound down our street, AGAIN slammed on the brakes, backed the truck into the driveway and for a 3rd time hit the brakes hard. More witnesses saw this all occur and were staring in disbelief as George exited the truck, swearing & with a HUGE attitude. When the truck door was opened, things were all over the place inside! My husband & I wanted to jump in and have a look ...frankly we didn't want these bozos touching our things! We were yelled at and told if we entered the truck & touched any furniture, Quick Movers could/would NOT be held responsible for any damages done. We allowed them to unload the truck, whereby they managed to do EVEN MORE damage ... to the front door of the house, and to additional furniture. (pictures available) Again, George thought it might be wise to attempt to move something with NO help. He tried to take a double-wide dresser, on a dolly, down the basement steps by himself. His crew member, Abriam literally had to shout at him to make him stop and allow him to help so the dresser did not wind up going through the wall on the staircase! More swearing ensued. We were never given any paperwork at the START of the move - a checklist, etc. - to verify the condition of our possessions. However, at the end of the move, George insisted that we fill out/sign the Pre-Moving Checklist before he would go. We did so, but with notations (pictures are available). Their Waiver and Release Agreement (which reduces their liability and waives our rights in certain situations) was ALSO NOT PRESENTED until the end of the move. We assessed initial damages and pointed them out immediately to Abriam. He advised us to take photos and make a claim - we did. We had to call a few times for the initial adjuster, Brian (not the same Brian who worked the move) to actually come out and assess things and file their part of the claim. We were told we'd hear back within a week, and never heard from him again. We called. And we called. And we called. Until finally we were told he'd left the company and the claims information had been lost. We continued to call, usually at least once a week ... sometimes more, as time allowed. Finally, months later another adjuster, Steve came out (in his shorts and t-shirt) and took more claims information, pictures and colored some of our furniture with stain markers. He advised us we'd hear back within a few days, and ... we didn't. We called back, and got the runaround a while more until the company finally had someone speak to us when we called, and offered us $200 for the damages to all of our furniture & the front door. Our move costs were upwards of $400; they did some kind of damage to just about every wooden piece of furniture we own, broke our box spring so that my husband (a larger guy) couldn't sleep in our bed (we explained this to them repeatedly ... no urgency was shown to resolve things, by the way) & scratched the front door to our rental, and they offered us $200!! We have requested to speak directly with the owner repeatedly. Hoping that he understands what good business practices are, and that he truly strives to make things right by his customers ... Ahmed Alsoubaii (AKA: AD) DOES NOT CARE, and refuses to return our calls. We've now been offered a refund of our moving costs to settle this. We've been told AD tried to call, but that the phone went straight to voicemail ... however there has NEVER been ANY voicemail message from him!?!? $420 does NOT cover the damages done, nor the time & energy we've had to waste trying to get appropriate resolution, NOR the time my husband has had to sleep anywhere but in his own bed due to the damaged box spring! Quick Movers are quick at two things: Trashing your belongings & taking money from dissatisfied customers! If you are moving anytime soon and you live in the Phoenix Metro/East Valley area DO NOT USE QUICK MOVERS!!

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