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November 21, 2010, Anonymous
United States

hello. my name is Devin . i just signed up for a new account on quibids, and there is a 48 dollar charge showing up on my credit card. there was not a notification, or permissions or approval for this! there was not and mention of this in the terms and conditions list. privacy policy, or at any point in the registration. this i have tried the support button on the website and what do you know it does not work. i just registered and as soon as it logged in a page popped up and say thank you for you purchase. i even asked the on line support rep if there were and charges for signing up, knowing that they would not be honest i also read all the fine print and all of the terms and conditions. no mention of this. i just requested to see what the fuss was about, i am IT technician for verizon wireless so i know i didn't not "hit any button" to purchase this. i researched the site before joining a lot of complaints but not one where someone was charged un authorized fraudulent charge. so i skipped their support page and sent a direct email and we will see if they will not steal from me and take back their un authorized charge

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