Quibids No Items I bid on went cheap, only the ones I didn't bid on. I believe it is a scam. Time on clock not accurate oklahoma city, Oklahoma - quibids

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November 2, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Quibids auction on line is a scam. Items they so go cheap, don't. When you bid on an item the price keeps going up and up and yet the second you stop it sells. I tried bidding on Items that a few other people where bidding on and it still kept going up. I stop and it sells. So they would have the same item up for auction so I'd try again and stay with it and up and up and up it went again. The clock time would jump from 5 seconds down to 1 second. You pay 60 cents per bid and most of the time your name doesn't show up as a bidder and yet you still pay 60 cent. There is something not right about this. A blender that you bid on sells for 52 cents you try to bid again and the same Item and it's price keeps going up, much more than that 52 cent auction a second before. You pick and Item with three bidders and place a bid and all of sudden there is 15 bidders. The second you stop it sells but if you stay with it, it just goes up and up and up. Either the company has outsiders bidding for them. Other people to cause the bidding to rise. It's is two strange that You stop bidding it sell right away and if you stay on you can never get the item.

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