Protective Services of Florida, Jonathan Hayden Jonathan Hayden owner of PSF took the company payroll and fled town, did not pay wages owed to us. riv - Protective Services

Protective Services
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November 8, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Jonathan Hayden, owner of Protetive Services of Florida, Took the payroll (2 months worth), and skipped town without paying his employees. he owes wages to four Security Officers. he then lied about sending the checks my mai,l by giving false tracking numbers. he has commited fraud and embezzelment by using the payroll to pay for his personal needs. He had also cancelled the GL Insurance 3 weeks before he left town therefore putting his employees and client at great risk during that period of time. After he received the monies from the client he shut of his phone, closed the company website and disappeared. As I understand from his CPA he also has not paid his UC and payroll taxes. This slimebag is a con-man, I have heard other stories during our investigation into his dealings, that he bilks his girlfrinds out of their life savings and leaves them hanging. last know location of this thief in Bellaire Michigan, where he is trying to pull off some scam in the restraunting business. Do not trust this scammer.

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