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Property Room
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December 2, 2010, Anonymous
United States

We found this company selling property stolen from our company, specifically a bicycle. They claim to sell goods held in "property rooms of municipalities...and more." They refuse to disclose the source of the property. This bicycle was clealy marked with our brand, logo, and inventory sticker. From whatever dubious source they acquired the property, they did not perform due diligence in returning it. When we approached them, they did pull the auction and set the bike aside for us to pick up. Regardless, this auction site is mysterious, and inappropriate. If they are indeed getting property from NYPD, this program creates incentive for NYPD to sieze property illegally and sell it for profit. It is an abuse of public trust and encourages corruption. Chances are this bicycle was illegally removed from a bicycle rack in the city, and an unfortunate customer was billed $500 for a stolen bicycle.

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