Professional scammer with long history - Brian/Bryan Merkle/Markel a.k.a. Alex Markle a.k.a Alexander Markle a.k.a Matthew Markle.

Brian/Bryan Merkle/Markel a.k.a. Alex Markle a.k.a Alexander Markle a.k.a Matthew Markle.
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March 21, 2017, J. Law
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

He walks around as a pastor of the Church of Divine Freedom (internet degree) along with his collection of rings and his overinflated ego. This man is a professional scammer with a long history of taking advantage of people. He is a criminal. He does not take care of the vulnerable, he takes advantage of them.

He was working as the “owner” of the Ottawa Freedom Centre in Vanier although his name is not anywhere on record. He has taken my retired parent (a volunteer founding member at the centre) for over $8000.00 (close to $9000.00 due to legal costs) in a sly credit card scheme that he “sucked” my parent into. My parent was in Court proceedings trying to get some money back but the OFC was uncooperative, combative even fraudulent in their claims to the court in order to get out of paying what they owe. Even introducing false witnesses at the last minute. Just before a judgment could be made to repay the money, he dissolved the corporation to again avoid being held responsible.

Brian Markle is a professional scam artist. He has security cameras everywhere around him as he fears the people he has ripped off before. He is a master manipulator and needs to be identified publicly for his repeated scrupulous actions.

As the court system failed to help us bring him down, our only option now is to warn the public as to avoid another vulnerable person being taken advantage of by this cockroach.
My parent did a lot of good in the community, helped countless people and this is the payback for her dedication. The loss comes from her minimal retirement fund. Thanks Brian!

Beware of all dealings with him and his accomplice Jon D’aout.

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