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Primecast/Connexion Technologies
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November 18, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Today, Nov. 18, 2010, I received in the mail two cards, one english, one spanish, from Connexion Technologies claiming use of Primecast to provide television service to our mobile home park. The card stated, "Please be aware that Mediacom has elected not to provide television services at Regency Manor as of 12/7/2010."

This is the Park we live in. Mediacom is our cable services provider and we have a two year contract with them for 2 years. Mediacom had not notified us that they were cancelling our service. I checked our lease with the Mobile Home Park and it was clearly stated that each tenant was responsible to pick their provider. So I called Mediacom to confirm their withdrawal from our Park.

Mediacom denied they were withdrawing their service. They said the card was inaccurate and they would not be discontinuing our services. Connexions lied! Apparently from checking the internet for complaints against them, this company has been pulling this scam off for some time. Consumers beware!

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