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December 7, 2010, Anonymous
United States

In early November, 2010 I found an ad on a TV company website for a good auction site that I could join and get 100 free bids. I went to the site and signed up using a virtual credit card with a $100 limit. Nowhere on the sign up page did I see that I was buying bids or I would have immediately left. On reading of other instances it was supposedly hidden with ads on the left side of the page. In my situation there appeared to be a computer "glitch" and when I went back to the initial screen and then forward it took me to the auctions. I assumed I could use the 100 free bids and then decide to purchase more bids if I wanted. I did read the agreement but did not understand that I was buying bids at start up. I did use 10 bids before I realized that the bidding goes on forever and disconnected, never to return. I found a charge for $75.75 on my credit card. It would have been more except there was a limit on the card. I contacted PriceShuffle immediately and spoke to a girl who was very sympathetic and let me know that sending an email was the best way for a refund. I received a return email denying my claim and offering to give me more bids if I didn't win. At that point I went online and found a bunch of disgruntled "members" who had fallen into the same trap I had. This morning I called Bank of America to lodge a dispute but after reading the agreement (it took all of 30 seconds so they've encountered this before) they said they couldn't help. You appear to be my last resort. If it's any consolation. I've learned my lesson. I would appreciate any help available to me and would be willing to lodge a complaint with the BBB in California. Thanks, Karen

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