PriceShuffle Unauthorized credit card charges Thousands Oaks, California - priceshuffle

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November 15, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I found this site through a supposed "news" article on the internet and was lured in by the potential to try the site out with 100 free bids. I signed up for the account and was directed to a page to enter my credit card information. The web page is so fractured in appearance, that many portions of the site appear to be ads. I reviewed the box requesting my credit card information multiple times before submission to make sure I would not be charged a fee. The next morning, I discovered a charge for $149.75 on my bank statement. I immediately contacted the company via email, as instructed by the company's voicemail system, and requested a refund. I received a prompt email stating that the terms and conditions were "clearly stated" on their web page and that bids are nonrefundable. Since there have been so many complaints listed against them on websites such as this one, I sent a follow-up email contesting that their website was "clearly" labeled and, again, asked for a refund

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