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Price Shuffle
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December 7, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I have been deceived and ripped off by this online auction company like many
others into believing that by registering for the site, one would
receive 100 free bids. I
used my credit card, to secure an account, or so I thought. I also entered a
coupon code, to receive 'free bids', or so I thought. In reality, my
account was charged $149.75 (plus overdraft fees) for a bid-pack that
was 'preselected' and hidden amongst a dearth of advertisements outside
of the registration area, also there was no confirmation of said
There was no mention of the automatic charge of
$149.75 when registering. That banner is intentionally hidden in what
appears to be an ad. Any internet business which is not deceptive and fraudulent in its intent will inform a
consumer that there will be charge with registration (without having to
find hidden banners). This intent is clearly to be deceptive. I started using my bids (I bid twice/three times) and then got an email from my bank saying I was charged 149.75. I called priceshuffle and they said I had to email them about billing. I emailed and got a response saying they wouldn't refund me and that I had already started using my bids. I started using my bids because of the misleading advertising of receiving free bids and because I knew I used my coupon code for free bids. I was not using them because I had chosen to buy 149.75 worth of bids!

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