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April 5, 2011, Anonymous
United States

Amanda Seminof,Jason Denman, Joshua Reyes and Joshua are all involved in an auto scam and we are yet another one of their victims. With the change in the economy we could no longer afford the payments on our car, truck and boat. With the hope that the economy would turn around and we could once again afford our payments we decided to use a releasing company in the interim. We contacted Swap A Lease and they reffered us to Stellar Wealth Management/Premiere Capital. We spoke with Amanda Seminoff and she was quite the sales woman. Amanda Seminoff and Jason Denman came to our home to provide us with written contracts. The contracts clearly states that Stellar Wealth/Premeire Capital garuntees all payments will be made. We decided to use their services and gave them our Mercedes, boat and truck. This has been the biggest mistake of our lives. The payments were not made, and our property is missing. They have changed all of their phone numbers and moved out of their office building. The only address they have is a PO Box. My husband and I had to file for bankruptcy. We are being sued by Ford, Mercedes Benz and LBS Financial for more than $350,000. We lost our home and are fighting to save our business. Our credit is completely destroyed. These people use different names and different company names. Amanda is Asian and Jason is a blonde Caucasion. Joshua reyes is Hispanic and Josh Burns is a light haired caucasion male. They have tracking devices on all of their vehicles through a company called . The scam is they find people to take over the lease and get a large down payment from them. They have the payments sent directly to them and they never make the payments. They then repo the car from the person who thinks they are legally driving the vehicle and they then do the the same thing over and over again. These disgraceful individuals have destroyed the lives of countless people. They belong in prison for life. When you read ridiculous positive reviews of their companies, they are written by them. When they stand trial for these crimes they can then repeat their disgusting lies. I will wait and see which of the group will turn and produce evidence to send the other three away forever. My guess is Jason will turn on them all in order to save his own skin. He has a law degree but never passed the bar, the rest of them are nothing but street thugs. We have included our phone number for anyone who wishes to contact us and join in our fight to put this gang behind bars.

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January 18, 2019, samson
I hate these people as much as you. They now own a lash studio called Lashes on Broadway. Her personal cell is 949-412-7200.
May 15, 2014, lymanbishop
I have turned this case over to federal law enforcement after they stopped paying me under the terms of an unrelated contract and I started looking into them.

They can most often be found at

26878 La Paz Road
Aliso Viejo CA 92656

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