PowerPay Jud Smith Powerpay Jud Smith - Scam Artists and Fraudsters, Steal Money Portland , Maine - PowerPay

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November 2, 2010, Anonymous
United States

This report is to allow the general public to know that Powerpay is in the business to rip of merchants.

They turn a blind eye to customers that generate millions of dollars in revenue, but if you only do small volumes they will TMF you and prevent you from ever getting a merchant account again.

I personally know people with 10%+ chargeback rates on Powerpay, but because they do over a million dollars in sales a month Powerpay does not care.

Powerpay is out to make money, and its easier for them to black list smaller accounts and only handle the large volume.

They dont simply close your account, they scam you into paying "fines and fees" for things you should never have to pay for.

Then when you pay all these fees they simply state you are a high risk and then terminate and TMF your account.

Powerpay should not be allowed to simply say we dont want you to ever get a merchant account again.

Again, we committed no fraud, owed no money, we played by the rules, but I guess we didnt make powerpay enough money so they simply decided it was in their best interest to TMF or MATCH our account.

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