platinum trust card lied to me on the phone, and now they're telling me something different from i read in the terms. Internet - Platinum Trust Card

Platinum Trust Card
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November 22, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Platinum trust card called me in october 2010 to let me know that i could get this 9,500 unsecured credit limit. Like an idiot i was excited. I was told on the phone that i could only shop online, but i could get cash advances. When i contacted the service department they said that they do not do cash advances! Wow already a lie. I decided today to cancel the membership because i started seeing that i was scammed. When i told them to cancel and give me my one time enrollment fee back, they are now saying that it's non-refundable. I have read there terms and conditions twice, and then copied them, no where does it say the one time fee is non-refundable. I even sent them a copy of the terms and conditions. I want my 89 dollars back!!!!

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