Platinum Shopping Club Debited my Account even though I said No Cheatersville, Kansas - Platinum Shopping Club

Platinum Shopping Club
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November 9, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I had filled out an application online for a payday loan and got a call from this company. They made like they were finalizing my loan application, but after they got all my information they proceeded to try and sell me some credit card to some shopping club. I told the woman, repeatedly, that I was not interested. I told her if I'm trying to get money, why would I want to spend money. She kept trying to tell me about this card, but I kept telling her I am not interested. I would have hung up on her, but she already had all my information (bank info included), so I wanted to make it clear that I did NOT want anything debited from my account. Two weeks later, I'm looking at my bank account with a $99 charge plus a $29 overdraft fee. My bank gives me the companys number to call and the person who answers gets my name and number and tells me she will take a message. Of course, I haven't got a call back! Companies like this need to be stopped!

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