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Pinnacle Financial
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November 9, 2010, Anonymous
United States

This company continues to call my mothers home after being told repeatedly that our mother is critically ill and currently in the hospital. My minor siblings have called while I have been at the hospital with my mother crying on how they have been talked to. I have a background in this field and have had experience with collectors that can be ruthless. I will not tolerate them for a moment nor anyone doing what this company continues to do. I took the call this evening and was first refused the name, adjuster id, etc. I ask if they could take a moment and read the notes on the account and was laughed at. I then ask if I could be transferred to a supervisor and was flat out told no and hung up on. I then called back and spoke to a so called supervisor and can not believe the manner in which the call was handled. I was told they are use to calling deadbeats and if my mother, if I continued to say I was not the person they were looking for, would pay they would not call. I explained that we were in the process of becoming power of attorney, again I was laughed out and told I was trying to buy time. My mother has worked over 28 years prior to becoming ill. On a prior call I attempted to review a statement that was in my mothers mail and they again hung up on me. We are not in the habbit of avoiding a bill and my mother would absolutely be devastated to think someone would say such things. This company is ruthless and is a prime example of why collectors have such a bad reputation. I do know that my mother would spend the last dime she had before not be responsible for any kind of financial obligation. It has been a devastating time for my family and I am driving aproximately 3 times weekly from out of state and trying to spend time with my mother and minor siblings watching has her life is fading away. The supervisor made the threat of reporting this account to the credit bureaus and again laughing at me. I cannot believe the caliber of people and this is a prime example of why collectors have the reputation they do. When someone dedicates there lives to being a viable member of society and becoming ill to let the low lives degrade them. This is my mother and I know what kind of sacrafices she has made and will not stand by while such scum will run her name into the ground.

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