Entity name: Innovative Shopping LLC Fraud, scam, thieves, ripoff, Shawn Brann, founder of dallas christian teen group runs this site th -
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November 2, 2010, Anonymous
United States is a complete scam. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM - you will NEVER get the items you "win" from them. They have shut down the auctions claiming they are "restructuring" but they have not shipped any items won since early september, not even small $50 items and yet they are still advertising and selling bid packages. For a while they wouldn't even respond to all the 'winners" emailing them and asking where their stuff was. At first they were giving people the runaround saying it would be next week, etc. then they stopped answering altogether - all the while still running auctions and still selling bids. I believe they were stalling people while waiting on the paypal 45 day chargeback claim to lapse. Well guess what, if paypal gets enough complaints about an account they will reopen claims up to 180 days old so if you bought bids here and never received your item you need to go ahead and open a paypal dispute even if it is out of the 45 day time period because you are NOT ever going to get the item you think you "won". We have evidence that even early on they were shilling their auctions, one of the employees/owners actually sent in photos of items she "Won" for their testimonials page. And on their facebook page there is a sister or sister in law of Shawn Brann telling people the site is legit and that SHE won a gift card and encouraging others to bid there. They shipped just enough items to real bidders to get a few photos for their testimonial page and to get them to continue to buy bids and then they stopped shipping and sat back and stole our money. For a full report from start to finish on how we exposed them go read the evidence at

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