Philadelphia Dominarix Mistress Victoria Ripped me off - Mistress Victoria Cayne

Mistress Victoria Cayne
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May 21, 2018, JohnnyBG
United States

I booked an appointment to see Victoria.She asked for a 200 Venmo deposit to book the session. Oh and she lies about her location! She is not in Philadelphia but all the way out in Plymouth Meeting!
I drive over an hour to get to the house 451 Irwins Ln
Plymouth Meeting, PA
I call her as instructed. No answer. I call and text for a half hour. I knock on the door. No answer.Not even the god damn courtesy of a phone call to cancel on me. She just staright up ripped me off and ghosted me! I finally get a text back the next day cause I asked for my money back. She told me to go and fuck myself.
Stay away from this Scammer and thief.
I read somewhere else that she has a huge drug problem. No doubt!

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