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November 16, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I went to select a French Bulldog puppy from a breeder named Irena Deresh. I was horrified by the conditions I met. The odor of the house was unbearable and the sweet puppies were made to run through their own excrement. The breeder proceeded to dose the little female puppy with an oral antibiotic medication meant for human consumption right in front of me after I mentioned that she seemed to be having breathing difficulty.The female puppy then vomited and a few minutes later had horrible diarrhea all over the floor. I was furious at this point. Irena also gave both puppies copious amounts of American cheese in an effort to show me "they were healthy". (NOT good for baby dogs!). I selected the least sickly of the two puppies, the male. I wanted to take them both out of there but could not afford it.

My baby, Henry, a male Frenchie, 9 weeks of age, came home with me and proceeded to get so sick he had to be hospitalized for two days at a cost of 1,500.00-which (!!) I am happy to pay if it saves this little guy who has stolen my heart.

He has come close to dying and still might not make it. He was infested with the parasite coccidia and also had a bacterial infection in his intestines called Campylo. He is very sick, very dehydrated and very sad. My vet has told me that puppies get this bacterial infection from their mothers.

Irena assured me the dogs were in perfect health. I knew she was lying and she had no business breeding these puppies. Clearly, she is not cut out for this sort of work and is in it only for the money- not because she is an animal lover or because she cares. She does not deserve to breed these gentle creatures. Henry had to have three baths to get the stench of that house off him! Anyway, I knew when I walked into the house that the dogs would be in a bad way but, as I figured it, at least I could help one of them.

I called Irena to tell her she needed to take the baby girl to the vet because Henry was so sick. It is unlikely his sister is doing much better. Irena swore up and down a blue streak that she had no idea what I was speaking of. Something tells me she might have a better idea when I call Animal Control on her. I have also reported her to the AKC. This woman needs to be put out of business. Period. I have nothing but contempt for her.

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