permanent general assurance corporation general insurace over charged after cancelling 4 times nashville, Tennessee - permanent general assurance

permanent general assurance
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November 29, 2010, Anonymous
United States

charged me after my policy was over. I confirmed my cancellation over the phone and fax in August. unaware i was being charged I rack up late fees. i call again fax again they tell me "okay sorry about that". I get a bank statement saying I am overdrafted. it was a 12 month policy and i cancelled. they claim they sent mail. yet i never recieved mail only email and the emails stopped when i cancelled the first time. Customer service told me they dont have account managers or supervisors and wont give you names. they all say "iam looking at the notes, yeah thats not good". still waiting for my call back from the other 2 times i sent a online request. 300.00 down the drain. they hung up on me once but because i asked the rep if they were retared.

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