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November 8, 2010, Anonymous
United States

My wife and I were recently married, and decided to move across the country from Sonoma CA to Redwood NY to be closer to her parents. We really had no issues until hitting the 80/90 East leaving Chicago. We were heading through early morning rush hour traffic, when I spotted something shining in the roadway about 4 cars ahead of me. Being as though I was in a 26 foot truck, I was able to see above all the other vehicles. I could not move to either lane due to traffic. Right before I passed over the object, I could see that it was a piece of plexiglass laying flat in the roadway. Knowing full weel what was going to happen, I watched in horror out of my side rear view mirror as the sheer mass of the truck created a draft larrge enough to pick up and hurl the plexiglass straight at my wifes car, that was directly behind me. it came up spinning into her bumper, grill and hood. Luckily, the piece split in 2 pefore continuing on its path straight at her and through her front windshield!

We pulled over to inspect the damage and found that the plexiglass had actually hit corner first into the bumper. She was lucky to be alive. We drove straight through the night and arrived in NY at about 3am. Upon waking the next morning, I immediately called Penske and told them about the damage. Their response was that, "they are not responsible for something laying in the roadway". So I asked,"then why did I purchase full coverage insurance that I quote, "includes third party claims"?! My wife and I are filing a claim based on DAMAGE caused by YOUR TRUCK. Their response you ask? "Again sir, we don't cover that kind of thing." Really? It is a third party claim. That is covered in your insurance package. Guess what? They are outright refusing to pay the damages. Big surprise. Corperate pig screws the little people. Anyway, after all that, I spent the morning unloading the truck only to find that the mattress and box spring to my bed are soaked and laying in a pool of water at the back of the truck. I finished emptying the truckand took it back to the drop off site. After telling them about both incidents the gave me a number to call. They did NOT ask to see the bed OR car damages. Hmmmmm. So, I went home to call penske AGAIN. Told me that they would cover the damages as long as I send pictures and have a receipt for the bed. Now, the pics, not a big deal. Understandable. The receipt? The bed is 3 years old. Why in the h**l would I have a receipt?! In conclusion, I purchased the TOP insurance packag that they had, yet they are covering NONE of the damages! Thanks a lot Penske! Go EFF yourself with a splintered log!

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