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November 20, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Four days ago my wifes computor, came up with this red block stateing there was a trogan horse and it was trying to send our cedit card information to a host computor, and this syatem to get it off poped up and for 79.95 they would remove it and protect me for lifetime, I tried to remove it but couldn't. so I purchased it, because I didn't want it to steal our information, as soon I paid it it was removed, it said that I would be contacted by phone within two minutes, I was not contacted, I was sent a bill that my cc was charged, but no info. how to contact then, I wanted to contact but no info to do it, two days ago my laptop was infected with the same trogan horse, same company poped up, I could not do anything on my laptop there boxes kept poping up, and kept saying that my CC. info. was beening sent to a remote host. again I had to purchase this, It took it off my laptop, it said I would be cotacted in two mins. nothing again, I recieved a bill and nothing to contact them, well I just recieved this bug again with the same place, but some how it is gone I hope. I belive this company is sending this to people just to get our money, They should be contacted a put in jail for theif. I would like a full refund from this company for both computors, and shut them done, I will bet you there are many people out there that this is happaning to, Thank You for your help. Ralph

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