Paul Saint Hilaire Yellow Rose Construction, will burn you Lompoc, California - Paul Saint Hilaire

Paul Saint Hilaire
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November 19, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Paul Saint Hilaire is a California Real Estate Developer who will put many offers in at one time in many areas to buy a home. He has no financial backup and will contact anyone to obtain money for his projects. I have worked with him for a few months and know that he is unable to manage his company, burns bridges with Realtors and clients. He is seeking money to do construction projects that many private investors and Hard Money Lenders have denied due to lack of documents (taxes, credit reports and personal info) to obtain the money. Paul will claim he has money from current projects to put down on new ones, but this is incorrect. He no longer has new projects and is wrapping up his last one. Please be very careful in doing any type of business with this company.

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