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Paul Panera
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November 8, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Anyone who has been scammed by Paul Panera, Arnie Ogen Newman, or Michael Leonard from P.A.P.A. need to file a report with the Federal Way, Washington, police department asap. They are investigating the matter and plan to submit to the FBI.

Thank you, Trudy and others for reporting this case. I was frustrated by his constant excuses, and now he has dropped off the face of this planet. Although I consider myself street savy, I fell victim to this con artist. His alias was Paul Panera. Paul's legal knowledge of the Washington state family court system and his so-called empathy for parents suffering from parental alienation convinced me he was legitimate. I was wrong. He has taken $4500 of my hard-earned money. Paul's physical description and the description of his car fit exactly what Trudy wrote about Michael Leonard.

You can no longer access . However, I have a copy of his photo that was on his website from my original gut feeling (always follow that initial gut feeling) that he may have been a scam.

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