Paul Blauco Ez auto Solutions #2 we put a down payment and got car for seven days and then they took the car back because they wanted more money down - Paul Blauco

Paul Blauco
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November 19, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I went to paul Bluaco's to get a car. I had a apointment with them and when I got there sat me down with car sale's men name Bob. He's nice guy and started the paper work, and I told him that I had codesinger if we needed. He's said that good info to know we will use if we need it. As we were doing paper works he's said we have use my mom as a code singer and I said ok lets do this. So we call mom and got her info and then tryed make work. Then he told he's going her the loan by her self because it won't work with me her. I said to but my mom dose not have driver lic's and he said we can work throught that. so he to the back office to talk to he's boss. Then he came back and said we can do this and we went go pick my mom up because dose not so we can get the laon. we wear all day and they got in a car and we put down $2700 for for car. Then told us that the car payments $338 a month. So we had the car for seven day's and then they call and said had to come in and change contrat. so we went the next day to want was going on? When got there we waited for awhile then we went to back office the guy told us we had a other $2000 down and we did not have it. and then they said or we check out cheeper car. So I check out the other car's out and wear drity they had's dean's in them. So to me they sent us up to try to get more money out of us. Thing is how you put my mom on the car loan. When found out that you can't bye a car with out a drive lic's. now I have car and I can't my mom around agian. they got my hope's up want scam!

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