Parcel Pro The head of the claims deparment Hung up the phone, failed to investigate, shipped item without approval Torrance, California - Parcel Pro

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December 2, 2010, Anonymous
United States

First off I had a problem with a customer that we shipped an item to, yelling at me saying that I shipped to the wrong address. So I called parcel pro the company I ship my items through to discuss the tracking and information of this shipment. I begin to relize that the address the customer gave me was not an address that I have ever received or that was on the label of my shipment. I was connected to the claims department of some guy who refused to give me his name saying that he was the head of the claims department. I was asking him the reason why my shipment went to an address that wasn't listed on my shipping label.

HE proceeded to blame me, interupt me, and tell me it wasn't their companies (PARCEL PRO) problem. I told him that my company has never approved for this item to be shipped to a different address. I said "Are you flippin' kidding me that I won't be able to file a claim and collect my insurance from the item". He then said "stop using vulgar language" and rudely interupting me while I was trying to explain that it's THERE COMPANIES FAULT!! He then told me that they were going to do nothing about my problem and hung up the phone!!!

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