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Palm Research
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November 4, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Palm Research is an internet survey website that is supposed to pay people for taking surveys. Once your account reaches $10, they are supposed to pay you net 45 days, which means 45 days after the end of the month in which your account reaches $10. I took surveys for Palm Research but most of the time the surveys ended up with errors. These errors always happened near the end of the survey so the company got the answers, but didn't have to pay because they would say the survey was never completed. I send several emails to Palm Research about these errors and got nothing but excuses like spending too long taking a survey or not spending enough time taking a survey. I had enough with them so I reached the $10 payout amount and stopped doing their surveys. I should have been paid in Net 45 days but 5 months later I still had not received a check and my account still showed $10. I contacted Palm Research by email asking why I never recived the money owed to be but never got a reply so I filed a complaint with the BBB. It has been almost 2 weeks but Palm Reseach has not responded to the BBB complaint. Palm Research is a scam survey site.

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