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November 18, 2010, Anonymous
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This same story happened now to 6 Buyers on eBay. See the feedbacks dated Nov.3 by musicphreak424, Oct.28 by canella209, Oct.7 by positivesolutions, Sep.28 by eliza_rrf, Sep.10 by reharlan, Sep.9 by gpdlt1 (( )) I bought Tracfone airtime minutes from eBay seller online_shop_shuman using PayPal to Digital transfer was made to my phone so I left positive feedback. Two weeks later Tracfone turned off my service. When I called Tracfone said a credit card is Associated to my account and debt due of $170. I emailed Seller who said sorry here is PayPal refund but he will not correct the Tracfone service problem because he said it is His Supplier's credit card that is unpaid. He named his supplier as After many calls to Tracfone they admitted they know it is not my credit card but it was used to buy the minutes that were transferred to my phone and they won't release my account unless I pay his bill. Since Seller refunded PayPal payment, they won't act. eBay said they will watch him BUT same ripoff happened now to 3 others, too. He's using fake credit cards which get discovered AFter you receive the digital product, so you lose your phone totally. Tracfone locks you out. The Paypal refund for minutes is small consolation when you lose your primary instrument, the telephone itself! eBay? When you go to retract your positive rating, you can only leave a followup comment but it doesn't affect his seller rating. Only two buyers waited long enough to see bad result before leaving feedback and he is now lying & insulting to anyone trying to expose his scam. I even phoned Calif. Telecom Commission and the FCC to report this fraud but noone takes care of consumer complaints like this and they only offer complex forms to fill out. Thank you to ripoffreport

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