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December 5, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Hi I just want people to be aware of fraud mail. I got 3 checks in the mail they have the same amount on everyone $2,950.75. This is what they want me to do in 3 days. This is your first assignment to speak to Michael Ingram 17165078363 or 16472191190 to activate your check have your check number, client ID no when calling. They want me to deposit and or cash the check at my bank. They must think im stupid to do this wrong im not stupid to cash a fraud check. Then they want me to shop at walmart and spend a $100.00. Then purchase items at Walgreen's for $100.00. They say all items purchsed are yours to keep. Then they want me to fax all 3 receipts and the customer service evaluation form to them. Then pay myself $300.00. Western union inc $2,320.00 and a service fees $130.75. put the western union transaction form together with all the receipts. The form says after completion of all task, please fill out your ( customer service evaluation form enclosed in the mail) be fair and be unbiased. This documentationis being used for staff/ training purpose. They say you have 3 days to complete your assignment. So the check will bounce and you will have to pay for all that money back to the bank. So please dont fall for this crap and get yourself thrown in jail. That is why they want you to do this all in a 3 day time period. So you will be out of $2,950.75 a good way of making a alot of money off of someone. Just before Christmas so please be carefull. Im thinking about turning this over to the police. Also the mail comes from someone in Canada and different places. Sorry they didn't scam me im not falling for this. Thanks I hope this helps everyone that got these letters. Mert

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