Omni Dual Saw Bogus Gift Card incentive. They offered $150 gift card. Instead, they want me to mail my receipts to a third party, maximum $25 per mon - Omni Dual

Omni Dual
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November 7, 2010, Anonymous
United States

After seeing the Dual Saw advertised on TV, I called the 800 number for more information, but decided not to buy because it was too expensive. They called me the next day offering to give me a $150 gift card that I could use at The Home Depot (and other retailers) plus a $25 gift card to offset the shipping and handling fee. What I actually got was a pass code that allows me to mail my receipts from The Home Depot, -- up to $25-worth of receipts each month -- for four months, which would net me a total of $100 -- not the $175 they promised. In return for the reciepts, they would mail me a $25 gift card each month, useable at the same retailer. Talk about having to jump through hoops! Plus, I've dealt with these redemption centers numerous times and more often than not, they won't send you your redemption unless you nag and threaten them. Finally, Dual Saw over-charged me on the sales tax, and they won't refund the shipping and handling, so even though I'm returning the tool, they still made about forty bucks, and I'm losing forty bucks plus the cost of shipping the tool back to them. I'm just shipping it today, so it will be interesting to see if they actually refund my money. The lesson is, don't buy from a fringe company. Stick to those you can trust like Amazon, Sears, Home Depot, etc. And make sure you understand the details about any rebate offer.

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