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November 26, 2010, Anonymous
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OksanaLove is a dating agency connecting single men with single women from Russia and it's provinces. I personally know couples that have met through dating agencies like this and are very happy together. There are many excursions to meet a perspective partner in life but OksanaLove-Singles Vacation is not one of them.

My stay was for 3 days in Punta Cana Dominican Republic in a private villa. On the positive side the villa and room are kept clean with fresh linen and towels every day but that's where the good ends. My toiletries consisted of a large bottle of shampoo and a used bar of soap and one roll of toilet paper. My shower stall was small and the hot water was temped at best. Keeping a hot water tank at that low of a temperature it is known to bread bacteria.

At night the 20-watt light bulbs barley get you enough lighting to get around. My meal after arriving form a long flight was a bowl of spicy soup with bread that was made by another guest! In the morning I was served eggs that was my last hot breakfast it was corn flakes and coffee after that. Lunch and dinner were just as bad in quality as well as quantity I actually lost weight. When you see the photos of the buffet carts don't be fooled they don't use them.

As for meeting someone special you need to take advantage of the law of large numbers and that does not apply here. As far as I could tell out of five women three were off limits one popped in and out and the one I had met online liked someone she meet earlier that week. What a bummer trapped in a villa with five women one interrupter/manager that locks herself in her room only to come out for food. Then there was the engagement party for the other gentleman there where we were served the peasant meal of the day. I wanted to go swimming in the pool but the heater was turned off and the water was too cold to swim in. Then the girls with the villa manager took off I found out the next day that they went to a nightclub and did not ask if I wanted to go.

So if you're thinking on going on this excursion consider other options. Spend the extra money and go to their country stay at a reputable hotel where there is a planed banquet with plenty of girls to meet. If meeting someone special that lives too far away pay for her transportation and hotel stay.

If you meet a girl on one of those on line dating sites and she wants to meet here it's a con that is how I ended up at OksanaLove-Singles Vacation and a vacation in hell.

That's your warning take it or leave it, it's more than I had to work with.

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