ocwen mortgagel loan servicing,LLc ocwen mortgage has misapplied my mortgage payments reported to credit bureau I am late and have sent threatening ce - ocwen mortgagel loan

ocwen mortgagel loan
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November 27, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Ocwen mortgage had been a problem for me since they picked up my loan. I wanted a loan modification and i went through a third party ,THE PAYMENT HELP CENTER and they turned out to be a scam. I did not accept the Loan Modification because the payment was more than what I am paying now, In march of 2008 I stopped and declined the Escrow account because Ocwen keep increasing the mortgage payment to where it was getting unmanageable.The payment dropped $400.00. So i have paid my own homeowners insurance and personal property taxes according the state of maryland law, Ocwen has harrassed me about the property taxes,I have three months to pay the taxes,I have proof and i have proof that I am up to date on my mortgage payments and personal property taxes,I talked with a person on Saturday and he said they applied my November mortgage payment to October.WHY?I can prove through bank statements and a lawyer who just handled another issue that has beeb resolved for me that Ocwen has given me a hard and miserable time,I will call every Federal Agency associated with mortgage companies and how they treat and misapply payments to our accounts, claire toles ANY HELP FROM YOU COMAPNY TO GET ME TO THE RIGHT FEDERAL OFFICE IS APPRECIATED, IN the past I have tryed to work with the Regulatory affairs about Ocwen and they where just as bad as trying to work with Ocwen,To work with Ocwen to try to resolve issues out of in that OBUDSMAN office is a joke. They do not help and are not concerned.I have two certified letters threatening foreclosure on an up to date account.

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