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November 15, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I recieved a call one morning as i was getting my kids ready for school, the guy on the other line said his name was James and he was call with oasis travel out of Arizona. That my phone # was selected and i won two 200 dollar gas cards that i could at any gas station. And when i recieved the packages i would only have to pay 2 dollars. Sounds good riight? Well needless to say i thought it did and i gave them my account info. James continuted to give me his ID # 11984 and my Item # AA1116. Then went on to say he was going to transfer me to the customer for verification, needless to say i never made it that far, he went on to say that they would charge me 29.95 for some misc. products, so i told him i wanted to cancel everything i didnt want to be charged. He went on to say that i couldnt - i said i will call my bank put a stop payment on anything from you guys and to have a good day, before i could hang up he said my account had already been charged. ITS A SCAM DONT GIVE THEM ANY INFO!!!!

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