nutra ban maximum burn extreme Told me online it was a free trial, would only have to pay p&p, then charged my credit card 120.00. burbank, Califor - Nutra Ban

Nutra Ban
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November 21, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Unfortunately, I was drawn in by what seemed to be very good offer, having lost a bit of weight recently, I wanted to lose a few more pounds!!!
So up pops this fantastic offer online, free trial offers of Acai and Colon cleanse, both purporting to aid in weight loss. I clicked on the free trial offers and followed the usual steps, entered my credit card details, which was supposedly to pay for postage only, as the tablets were supposed to be free.
About ten days later I received the first package, the Acai, no invoice attached, which I thought a bit strange, but then it was supposed to be a freebie!
A couple of days later I received the colon cleanse, 2 bottles of it, which again I thought strange as this a free trial. After reading the daily dosage on the labels, I thought well maybe not too strange as you are supposed to take between 3-5 tablets a day.
I took the minimum dose of the colon cleanse and the prescribed dose of the Acai for 2 days.
I felt like somebody had gone into my stomach and had a boxing match, really really did not feel well, I expected the colon cleanse to cleanse, but that was!!!!!!!!drastic, say no more.
I got my credit card bill yesterday, and have been charged 119 and change for the free trial offers.
I have called my credit card provider and have had my card blocked from further use.
My credit card provider is asking me to get in touch with the company, tell them what happened and record dialogue from them. Unfortunately my MSN account has been hacked into in the last few days (?) and all my confirmation emails from Nutra ban and Diet Max have been erased.....................
Can you help me to get email addresses for these companies, so I can lodge a complaint in writing to them and send copies of my complaints to my card provider, who may then be able to help me get my money back.

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