North Myrtle Beach Computers/ Computers Direct Are Thieves and Scammers North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - North Myrtle Beach

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November 15, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I guess I was to lazy at the time to post what these guys did to me but
it needs to be done. These guys are the same typical computer repair
scam artist's as Computer Inferno that used to be in Myrtle Beach. I ran
my Iphone 4 over and a buddy told me to call the guy on Craigslist in
Myrtle Beach. I saw they're ad and thought that they were who he was
talking about, boy was I wrong. I drove all the way in from Florence and
as soon as I walked in the store I got an uneasy feeling. The guy I
handed my phone over to said he would have a "tech" look at it and call
me within an hour to give me a quote. I hung around the beach and an
hour went by with no call, no big deal. But after 2 hours I called them,
they then quoted me a price of well over $500 for a new logic board. I
almost crapped myself and said wow, I'll just come get it when I get the

I talked to my buddy again and told him what happened and he told me
I'd screwed up and I was supposed to take it to a guy named Jason that
repairs this stuff. I got his number and looked him up and he talked to
me for about 45 minutes about the situation. I told him I'd go pick it
up and take it to him for a second opinion. He actually offered to go
and pick it up for me so I wouldn't have to drive all the way in. But I
have a nephew that lives at the beach and I would get him to do it. I
called Computers Direct/North Myrtle Beach Computers and told them he'd
be coming up the next day to get it and to please give it to him. The
guy didn't even want my nephews name for crap sake. He said just tell
him to ask and we'll give it to him, what the hell? Next day he goes to
get the phone and as soon a he asks for it the guy goes in the back and
my nephew hears him say " hey where's that Iphone 4 at we didn't think
that guy was coming back to get"? One of the guys comes back out and
says " the phone is in prep mode and will be ready in 10 minutes". I
later found out from Jason that with a gun to his head he couldn't
reassemble a torn down Iphone 4 in 10 minutes. My nephew took the phone
to Jason who opened it right in front of him. Guess what, half of the
guts of my phone were missing. The whole charging/loud speaker piece,
the camera, the vibrator and the battery. My nephew drove back up there
and asked the same guy where the parts were without accusing him of
anything. The guy immediately got defensive and says " we don't steal
parts". Well you sure as h*ll forget to put things back together. He
goes in the back talks to another guy again and walks over to this
cardboard box. All of my "missing" parts were pulled from that box in
under 1 minute. They knew exactly what they'd done it wasn't like they
had misplaced it. Its also really d*mned obvious to see all of these
parts missing when your putting the phone back together.

I later had Jason tell me that the phone had also been exposed to heavy
amount of water in addition to being ran over. He suggested putting it
on Clist or Ebay and selling it for parts rather than attempting
expensive repairs. He said to use that money and buy a 3gs and save some
bucks and some less headache. He said this phone would always have
issues regardless of putting in a new logic board. I offered him money
for his time several times but he insisted he would not charge me since
he fixed nothing. I'd strongly suggest you check around on people before
you take your stuff to them. North Myrtle Beach Computers/ Computers
Direct does in fact have an F rating, I wish I would have known that
before all the trouble.

Thank You

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