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February 27, 2013, ansears
Puyallup, United States

I placed an order on 11/30/2012 for a pair for hand-painted shoes (work-nursing shoes). In the info, it said it could take up to 8 weeks to receive product. At the end of Jan 2013, I still had not received my order or heard from the company. Upon checking my order online, it said it was still in process. I finally emailed the comapny on 1/31/12 to inquire. On 2/1/13, I received an email back saying my "order should be going out in the next 2 weeks or sooner". They apoligized for the delay an said "the amount of ordered that artist had as well as the holidays" kept them behind. I emailed again on 2/13/13 due to no shoes being delivered, no email from company, and my account online still saying in process. I requested a refund be given if the order was not going to be filled very soon as I had waited since 11/30/12, with the previous email response of 2 weeks of sooner being long gone. I received a reponse the same day saying my order was still with the artist and that the artist "had alot more orders than anticipated for the week after Thanksgiving and she was still painting them". I was also told that there was "not a guarantee of time frame for completion" and since each order is handpainted for each client that the no refund poilcy would stand. I was offered to cancel my order and give me store credit to be used at a later date. I emailed back that I did not want store credit to use on an order at a later date (which is actually going against their "each order is custom for each client" stance) due to the length of time I have already waited now and did not want to wait that long again in the future on another order. On 2/17/13, I got another response from the company stating they "marked my order priority so the artist will know to get my order done before the others". As of today 2/27/13, almost 13 weeks after placing my order, I still have not gotten my the shoes and my order still says in process online.....They take your money and never send product!!!! BIG RIPOFF!!!!

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July 25, 2014, angelathenurse
The Swanx did the same thing to me--took my money for 2 pairs of shoes and emailed repeated lies that my order would be filled--now they have closed down without a word and took my hard earned money with them! They are a fraud!

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