NICOLE LAVON Kamahana Lavon stripper a sprearmint rhino and sapphires in las vegas nevada she can to my room and had me robbed in the palms casino and -

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December 17, 2011, Anonymous
United States

nicole lavon kamahana had me robbed at the palms casino in my suite she came up had to goones outside the door let them in and beat me and robbed me for 25,000.00 she works at sapphires and spearmint rhino the police have here on video with the goones leaving my room with my computer and cash too she met me for dinner with my hosts and called her thugs at dinner in the bathroom came to my room for a strip show and then robbed me know here name the cops told me she lives in fair oaks sacremento they put warrents out for kiddnapping and robbery for her she claims to be a hairstylist works as a stipper/ hooker she get away with robbing and having people beatin half way to death she will be caught and prosecuted by the las vegas police am a vey good guest at the palms casino if you see her beware and call the police

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April 30, 2017, Vegas 420pimp
These girls are discustos' can't wait till they get old and realize they wasted life, no one ever cared and they were used by strip clubs and johns. They think they have independent hustle, and they don't have to depend on a man... news flash. You don't depend on a man you depend on MEN that don't care and think of you as a purchase. Get some self respect losers, and get off the pills. Take your own advice and stop humiliating you family. Sterling and Amy link, embarrassing. Velex embarrassing. Played not players.
February 28, 2017, Peace
She also goes to Poker Parties where guys pay 300 per blow job or 500 for everything and some. Steve Ucico and Tyler and Jay organize the parties and bring bunch of other prostitutes and strippers. It's really dirty and guys been getting Chlamydia and Gonnorhea among other things. Real dirty
February 15, 2017, reporter
This whore thinks she has found God through crystals and energy and uses her hallucinations to validify being a whore and stripper. Manipulates everyone for money and fucks 70 old farts as sugar daddys
Ava Nicole Avalise La Von Kamahana Works at Rhino Downtown LA and BareEllgance in LA but flys to Miami to Hoe and gets tricks through Club 11
July 22, 2015, avalise la hillman
this piece of crap. knows silver Hillman who she pimped out through her pimp. don't lie la von lol, desperate ho, silver to;d me you paid her 500 for a cocaine charge at wet. avalise la von aka this bitch..thinks shes a jimmi lee Asian modle. hes a jopke and silver and this hoe, and leah minor. are paid vegas and LA prositutes
May 25, 2015, truth100
SILVER HILLMAN, STRIPPER/ESCORT, at sappire and treasures is a partner of hers, proud of her "hustle", drug user..aka Siren or Minaj. Also Nichole goes by a new name Avalise La Von.

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