New York 1st Dept - James T. Shed-Secretary Character and Fitness James T Shed James T Shed is unfit to judge attorney applicants for admission- lack - New York

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November 13, 2010, Anonymous
United States

James T Shed the highest paid secretary in NY state is leaving his post as the head of Character and Fitness. Employees have long complained that this closeted and very angry man has no respect for them, abuses those who disagree with his ethics or lack there of and is a work place bully. Certainly when James Shed and his drunkard colleague Sherry Cohen leave the 1st Dept.- the booze will flow in celebrate of the hanse of bondage being broken. For years employees,attorneys and the public has endured the abuse of a very sick person (James Shed)who's standard for assessing an applicant's worthiness, an attorney's disciplinary case and an employee's performance is based upon whethther that person has a good body. Everyone knows James Shed hates fat people, old people, foreigners and women. As a gay man he has a right to his own sexual politics , but as secretary for character and fitness- he should closet his preferences and stick to the job. James Shed is most likely leaving his position before the big law firms he has jerked off and humiliated their attorney applicants start pushing for his removal on ethical grounds. Shed has also committed many acts of indisgression including falsifying information in applicant files to suit his purposes. We employees have complained but no one of the thugs like Friedburg or Lipman have done anything because Shed is part of the inner circle of corrupt NY mob bosses who have ruled and destroyed many attorneys, granted a carte blanche to steal from the public to law firms and made the NY Court system the best little ho house in America. Shed should be disciplined, not given a fancy retirement package. Then again, if god is waiting , Shed's boyfriend will spend all of that retirement package money in a flash while travelling and taking in all of the raunchy hotspots. Secretary of Charactwr and Fitness? Get some morals , start telling the truth and watch your back- plenty of employees have the goods on you. Thinking of a future political career? We will expose u and your fraudulent acts as a member of the disciplinary committee and sec of character and fitness. Doubt that even the local elected dog catcher position won't elect you- even if picking up sh___t is the main element of the job description.

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