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November 5, 2010, Anonymous
United States

This guy has an ego bigger than the state of New York. He is known all over Santa Ynez with a bad reputation. Just call around and ask other doctors and the moment they hear his name, they laugh. You might want to seriously consider avoiding doing business with him. In a small town like Santa Ynez, word gets around (and it sure has). Specifically, he treats his employees poorly, and patients with disdain when he doesn't get the gratification he needs to justify his "holier than thou" existence. He's a great actor when you like him, but when you don't... his other side surfaces. He is a poor excuse for a doctor and will put himself out business on his own. For your information only. Go ahead, take a gamble or find a better doctor than James Neary of Neary Chiropractic. Your choice.

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