Nationwide Financial Solutions,LLC Nation Wide Financial Solutions, LLC reasurred me that they could work with our lender to bring down our interest - Nationwide Financial Solutions,LLC

Nationwide Financial Solutions,LLC
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December 5, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Back in November of 09 my husband and I were in a financial mess. We received a phone call from the people of Nation Wide Financial Solutions, LLC reassuring us that they could help us. We were told not to pay our mortgage and to catch up on our other bills. They said that they will take all materials sent to them from us and pass it on to our lender. We were assured that they could get our percentage rate down to 3%. At first they were in constant contact with us. They would let me know they received every fax etc. I was able to get in touch with them easily. Over the past month I have not been able to talk to anyone. They had an answering machine saying that you have reached Nation Wide Financial Solutions leave a message. Now when I call I get a message that I have reached an answering service. After the message you are instructed to press 1 if you know your parties extension, 2 if you want a list of people by name etc. No matter what number you press you are told that key is invalid. I have been scammed of almost $3000.00. I do not know what I am going to do, my credit is horrible now and I have no where to turn. This company has hurt many people and they should be made accountable. Donna, Massachusetts

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