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November 6, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I am a former student of National University. During the course of instruction in its Graduate program in Forensic Science, I had the privilege of encountering one of National's premier professors - - James Eckmann. I provided James Eckmann with well cited work, and even notified him of another student who literally cut and paste roughly three pages of material from the Internet and posted it. Given the nature of the Forensic Science field, there is no room for dishonesty. However, James Eckmann could care less as he actually reduced work provided to him despite the fact my work was well cited. Next, James Eckmann decided to whine as he reported a statement I made to the administration. Was it profanity or being dishonest? It was my decision to challenge his grading by stating in part, "As I said, your grading, even for a third tier school is laughable and demonstrates your lack of effort in the class as well." Equally laughable is the fact Curt Williams, Judicial Affairs for National Affairs, decided to write me alleging I may face discipline. My statement simply places my opinion of what my thoughts are and provided the fact National University is a very low ranked school. Simply put, it appears James Eckmann has an excessive superiority complex where if you dare challenge him, he will reduce your grade, and report you for discipline. There are multiple reasons why National University is a bottom tiered school. James Eckmann is only one of them. FYI, I repeat James Eckmann for the purpose of increasing search results.

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