Nathan Rollinson of Berlin offence of impersonating public officer - Nathan Rollinson

Nathan Rollinson
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August 1, 2014, Management Consultancy
Prague, Czech Republic

Nathan Rollinson, also known as Nathan James Rollinson, who - in July 2014 - moved from Prague to Berlin - has repeatedly made false claims that he practises as a doctor. Nathan Rollinson is really dishonest and not trustworthy. When asked why he made statement A, he'll go and make statement B to cover for statement A, it does not make any sense except to him, statement B is a lie too and since it doesn't make sense he gets asked about it and he will use statement C to cover for statement B, except that statement C is also a lie. Nathan Rollinson is a nightmare and he just lies recklessly without thinking about consequences and negative impact upon his community. In June 2014, he lied to a number of my friends and I about a lot of things. We are just young men and women with a positive outlook on life but we feel upset, distressed, and abused by how Nathan Rollinson treated us as he took us for fools. It is unclear what he wants to achieve by lying every day, from Monday to Saturday to Sunday, from one week to the next week, from one month to the next month. But, if he is wanting to get his hands onto you claiming that he "is a doctor" or that he "is a physician", you should refuse and contact the police immediately. He seems to have no regard for how it is not ok to repeatedly make false representations about being a doctor, essentially impersonating a public officer, which is classed as a criminal offence in certain countries (the law is not the same everywhere).
He did not apologize to my friends or I about how badly he disrespected us, so from this I can say that he demonstrates psychopathic traits because he is clearly remorseless. Please look up the PCL-R psychopathy test.
Nathan Rollinson has lied about a great number of things. It is not clear whether any fraud has occured, but his lies include lying about his age, lying about his date of birth, he lied about having graduated from University College London (UCL) with a medical degree but UCL officially informs us that he never attended the institution, lies about his occupation, lies about his employer as he claimed he was working at Prague's Motol as a qualified doctor, which is a false statement.
Residents of Berlin and Prague confirm that Nathan Rollinson has undertaken charitable volunteering work so if you are involved with charitable activities with this individual, you should know that sociologists including Dr. Sally Caldwell (Texas) consider this category of liars to be unsafe to spend time with. This is not only because dishonesty drives good people crazy but also because people of this type, a match with liars from her deception studies, often have other issues: substance abuse (cocaine, heorin, alcoholism) and physical violence (involving knives, bigger blades, firearms, fists). If you are an employer thinking of employing him, I think that is a terrible idea, given that he lies every day and every night - you can expect him to manipulate you and mistreat you just like what has happened in Prague and Berlin extensively.
If you want to take legal action against Nathan Rollinson, then look around you as some other people probably have other evidence of his misrepresentations, false pretenses, lies, dubious conduct, instances of deceiving other people, suspicious activities, and potentially fraud, which can add to your pile of evidence against him and support your case against him in courts of law.

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