Internet Spam / Fraud Continues - Dec 2, 2010 Internet -
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December 1, 2010, Anonymous
United States

My situation is identical to those reported last month, Nov 2010, when I received 3 texts from a number I had never heard of stating I had "...requested daily mymobilelove texts ...". They listed same $9.99 rates and also sent the same quote "We all say things we later regret...". Actions taken so far:

1. Replied STOP as per their text to "quit" receiving daily texts, sent to 34095. I've not received any confirmation text since my reply 3 hrs ago.

2. Called my phone service provider, Alltel (yes still Alltel in Georgia), to report fraudulent charges. The $9.99 charge had already been added to my account and thankfully Alltel credited the amount and also filed a report to escalate the problem.

3. Researched mymobilelove on internet and have found others had reported same problem. Also found, as others have said, that this site is well hidden within this big world wide web we all use.

I'll continue to research and report this to the sites listed earlier, (BBB, FTC, etc) as I would certainly like to help stop others from getting caught up in this scam. I take this seriously as a mother and grandmother of teens that use the internet and have made internet security (spam, internet fraud, crooks & so on) one of my projects to help try to keep kids safe.

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