Refused a refund by switching the returned merchandise for damaged wares. Internet, Florida -
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December 3, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I ordered a shirt from, at $54.19 including shipping. When it arrived I noticed that the tag was not attached to the shirt but was in the pocket. I tried the shirt on and decided that I needed a larger size. I immediately refolded the shirt and placed it back in the packaging in the same condition that it arrived. I did not wash, iron, or otherwise alter the shirt.

I liked the style and material of the shirt and so I ordered four more shirts while the return was in transit. When received the shirt for exchange they refused claiming that the shirt had been washed and was therefore un-returnable. I agreed to keep the shirt if they would send it back. The shirt they sent back was not the shirt I sent to The shirt they sent back was faded around the collar and had a different tag which was attached to the shirt.

I again returned this shirt and requested that my money be refunded. has not refunded my money and they charged an additional $6.09 to my debit card account. Meanwhile, since they had duped me on the exchange I refused to accept the shipment of the additional shirts I ordered at $192.00. Since the package was returned intact they had no choice but to refund money for this shipment. However, they withheld $29.84. All in all I am out $83.93 and they have all the merchandise back in the original condition.

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