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November 5, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I am hoping that people research and read this prior to meeting with Movie Works Now. I met with Barbara who is very good at selling, unless you wouldn't buy from a broken record. As usual I had researched the website first and saw that they require no fees. Good. But then they try to sell you stuff when you are there. Bad. I am a professional photographer and after seeing the shots they had, as well as the $30.00 camera that they were doing shots with, I told them I would think about the $325.00 fee for membership and a photo shoot and Barbara got discouraged and basically pushed me out of the office. If you were to contact someone like myself for a photo shoot I would not charge near that amount for a regular photo shoot. I had spoken to others after my meeting who had been there before and fell for the scam, and not a single one of them had ever recieved that elusive call that says they have work for you.

Just a word of note. Talent agencies typically will seek you out if you have a headshot with them, and they will contact you and they will pay for your photo portfolio, trust me, I have done this for agencies.

So to wrap up, this place is a scam and a half. If you have the great desire to be an actor, do alot of research because you will need to trust the people that will be helping you with your career, and these dont seem to be people you can trust.

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