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November 4, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I downloaded a ringtone from motime's website which I arrived at from a music website. I was unknowingly entered into a monthly subscription. After I realized I had been duped into a subscription I called Motime an cancelled the subscription immediately and asked for a refund of the $9.99 for the one song downloaded. I was informed that I "knowingly" entered into the subscription through a "double assertion" on their website. Apparently in fine print at the bottom of the website this is stated. When I asked for the refund for the one song I downloaded I was refused by "Austin Murphy". Austin, who doesn't sound Irish and lied about that being his real name as well as everything else, informed me that I knew exactly what I was doing and that I would have to pay. He insisted Motime does not trick people into subscriptions. When asked if that was the case why they wouldnt refund my money he said a refund is not possible. we argued about the fact that it most certainly is possible in this day in age and they are just being shady. He then told me that my "perception" of the refund being a possibility was different from the reality of no refund. Austin Murphy (stage name) and motime is the exact epitome of what is wrong with the internet. They are extremely conniving and use trickery and smokescreens to con people into subscriptions. Their customer service is awful and I absolutely won't pay them any money. I would rather spend $1000 in legal fees fighting them then give them the $9.99 they tricked me into. This scam should be shut down. Thanks,

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