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Mortgage Investors Corporation
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November 3, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Mortgage Investors Corporation Abusive and Unwarranted Payment Request Saint Petersburg, Florida
MICappearsto bemisrepresenting financial refinancing of mortgage loans to veteran'sand have unscrupulous collection processes.
Four days after my payment due date I began receiving intimidating and threatening phonescalls from a collection agency associated with MIC. When I tried to express my concern to a department supervisor of this actionI was again drilled and ridiculed by phone center staff and stalled on attempting to speak with a supervisor.
This is just one of what appears to be avery negativerelationship I havehad with MIC. The staff are very rude and unprofessional andappear to in it for the money andappear to be taking advantage ofveterans in the process.
To all veterans using this service, please be very weary of this company and do not become a victim.

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